Owner: Christy Noone

Spending a lifetime as a dance, barre, yoga, and fitness professional has landed Christy the proud studio owner of Maitland’s, BAM BARRE. Christy discovered the lasting effects barre fitness has on the body as a teacher for one of Orlando’s founding barre studios, Barre54. No other workout provided immediate results that strengthened and lengthened her body, like barre fitness. She not only fell in love with the workout, but the relationships formed with clients. As a lifelong dance teacher, barre and yoga enthusiast, Christy has yearned to open a studio for clients where they can gain physical and spiritual strength in an upbeat environment, while building a strong sense of community. Knowing barre is here to stay, she felt there was a need to “kick it up a notch” by adding refreshing new life to traditional barre, while maintaining its unbeatable foundation. Christy created BAM to provide an optimal space to nurture physical and emotional strength that too often gets lost when we are all busy “adulting.” As a woman and mother of two girls, she is aware of the demands of life and essential need to find balance, strength, and feel connected to community.

Christy is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Certified Aerial Yoga instructor.